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Farm Families Health Checks

Free health assessments and advice, tailored for you.





The farm families health checks programme is a one-stop mobile facility offering free health assessments and advice tailored specifically for you.

The health checks can be completed quickly and will offer a good indicator of your health, including risk of heart disease, early detection of diabetes and emotional health and wellbeing. You will also find out about the support services that are locally available to you.


There are two parts to the health checks, a medical assessment and a lifestyle assessment. To gain the full benefit of the service, it is recommended that you take part in both assessments.


What will the medical assessment involve? (10-15 minutes)

If you decide you would like a medical assessment, you will be invited to meet with one of our qualified nurses who will provide more details of the programme.

Following your written consent, the nurse will complete a short medical assessment and then offer the following tests:

Blood pressure;

Weight and body mass index (BMI);


Blood sugar;

Lung function;

Mental wellbeing.

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What does the lifestyle assessment involve? (5-10 minutes)

The second part of the health checks is the lifestyle assessment.

During the lifestyle assessment, you will have the opportunity to discuss health issues with the nurse. Depending on your lifestyle, you will receive advice tailored for you on smoking, healthy eating, physical activity and alcohol consumption.

The nurse can also signpost you to a service that can ensure you are getting the grants and benefits you are entitled to.

For further information

If you have any questions about the Farm Families Health Checks Programme, please contact:

Elaine Catterson

Programme Support Officer

Farm Families Health Checks Programme

Spruce House

Cushendall Road


BT43 6HL


Tel: 028 2563 5573


Have a look inside the clinic before you see it at a local farmers market. The bespoke body and interior was built by Drumack Coachworks.


Drumack Coachworks – Ballymena – Co Antrim